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General Project Description


My name is Larry Roca. I am the IT manager for a small software publisher that owns three medium sized forum websites of an adult nature. Specifically, they are forum websites for men who like to travel to foreign countries to have sex with local women. The sites are not intended to be pornographic, but the members do sometimes use colorful language and upload risque photos. This shouldn't be an issue to anyone, but if you have philosophical objections, then this project probably isn't right for you.

I am looking for a php/MySQL programmer to upgrade and customize these forums, which are powered by vBulletin, by installing and customizing various after market scripts, and also write / install / debug a number of customized software enhancements and new scripts.

We are interested in establishing a long term association with a experienced php/MySQL programmer who can provide ongoing programming and maintenance for these and other websites I anticipate publishing. We would anticipate that we would need a minimum of approximately 10 to 40 programming hours per month.

Scope of Work

The general scope of work is as follows:

  • Upgrade three existing forums to latest version of vBulletin.


    This will require a knowledge of vBulletin forums and the upgrade process itself. The current forums are using version 3.06, so the upgrade process may be complex. A good knowledge of MySQL and the database structure of vBulletin forums may be required depending on how we actually perform the upgrade. We will discuss the best process for converting the forums and bringing them into the latest version.

    This phase includes:

    - Setting vB options as per the vBulletin documentation.
    - Transferring customized phrases from existing forums.
    - Transferring customized templates from existing forums.
    - Customizing php code as per existing forums.

  • Install, test, debug and customize 9 third-party modules for vBulletin.

    One of the biggest reasons we need to upgrade the forums is so that we can take advantages of the new version of vBulletin’s plug-in system and add capabilities to our websites that will be easy to install and upgrade as vBulletin forums continue to evolve.

    These are the areas we will concentrate on. There may be others later:

    - Portal
    - Links
    - Posting Photos
    - Reviews (products, locations, etc)
    - Banner Ad Management
    - SEO
    - Wiki

    We will decide whether the new version of vBulletin can cover some or all of these areas, or if we need to search for third-party products to plug into vBulletin. I have specifications written that tell us what we need to look for. Once we decide the best route we will define the project for each area.

    The following third-party scripts are examples of what may be used or may have the capacity to do what I am looking for:

    - vBadvanced:
    - vBadvanced Links Directory:
    - PhotoPost:
    - PhotoPost Classifieds:
    - ReviewPost:
    - Banner Ad Management:
    - OpenX Banner Ad Management:
    - vBSEO
    - vbWikiPro

    This phase includes:

    - All necessary revisions and debugging.
    - Installation on three existing forums.
    - We will of course purchase all third-party software separately.

  • Write / test / install 6 custom php scripts for vBulletin.

    We will be enhancing the built-in abilities of vBulletin related to administrative functions. This will include user management, moderation of posts, etc. Some the modifications required are fairly large and probably require additions to the database.

    Again, we want to use the vBulletin plug-in system as much as we can for these items, and if there are appropriate third-party scripts available that can do these items, we may want to use these.

    The identified areas we will be concentrating on will be:

    - Username Control
    - Text Cleanup
    - Change Username
    - Post Classification
    - Simultaneous Moderation
    - Archive

    This phase includes:

    - All necessary revisions and debugging.
    - Installation on three existing forums.
    - Writing and testing an installation script.

  • Create ten new vBulletin forums, including...

    - Copying and importing existing forum database to populate new forum.
    - Transferring customized phrases from existing forums.
    - Transferring customized templates from existing forums.
    - Customizing php code as per existing forums.
    - Installing and customizing 6 modules as with the existing forums.

Compensation & Payment

  • I am receptive to a fixed price contract, and I do have 60+ pages of written specifications itemizing everything I need done in great detail. However, given the scope of the project, I believe that an hourly rate would probably be more equitable.
  • My preference would be to pay a higher hourly rate to an experienced programmer, especially to someone with vBulletin experience, but I will consider working with someone with less experience. Generally speaking, I expect to pay at the top of the market for an experienced individual.
  • I've been managing software programmers for several years, so I have some idea how many hours this project will require. Obviously, more experienced programmers will be more efficient than a novice, but that's why I expect to pay them more.
  • The project is not an emergency. However, I am anticipating that the project will be 90% completed within 6 months. The programmer can work as many hours as desired up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. However, I would expect the programmer to work a minimum of 10 to 20 hours a week. Thus, a programmer who is employed in a full time position elsewhere would be eligible for this project.
  • As described above, the project is actually comprised of a combination of upgrading existing software, customizing templates, installing several after market scripts, and writing and installing several completely new customized scripts. The project will be performed in phases, at a steady pace intended to finish the project within the 6 month completion window.
  • I have established a test website/forum that I expect to be used to do trial upgrade to the software prior to actually upgrading the actual working forums. In addition, I have setup a separate forum to be used to test, evaluate and debug the proposed customized scripts on the latest version of vBulletin. This would facilitate the option of working with two or more programmers as described below.
  • In addition, I am also receptive to dividing up the project and apportioning the programming work to two or more programmers, possibly of different experience levels. For example, I might hire an experienced programmer at a fixed price or hourly rate to write the new customized scripts, and a less experience programmer to do the modifications to the forum's html templates, install addition skins, install and customize the pre-written scripts, install and customize the new forum websites from a master template, etc.
  • Payment will be made weekly in Argentina Pesos unless otherwise agreed to between the parties.

Confidentially Agreement
All Parties must execute a standard Confidentially Agreement which among other covenants also provides for the following.

  • "Confidential Information" includes all usernames, passwords, programming code, email address, business plans, and all other information divulged by the Publisher to the Programmer.
  • The Programmer shall not disclose any Confidential Information to any third parties for five (5) years following the date of the last disclosure by the Publisher to the Programmer.
  • All Confidential Information and Confidential Materials are and shall remain the property of the Publisher.

Confidentiality Agreement - English Confidentiality Agreement - Spanish

Professional Services Agreement
Business will be conducted as provided in the Professional Services Agreement which will be executed by both parties and which among other covenants also provides for the following:

  • The Programmer is an independent contractor and not a statutory employee.
  • The Programmer must keep a record of their time and/or expenses and submit written invoices to the Publisher on a weekly basis.
  • Payment for services will be made weekly in Argentine Pesos.
  • The Programmer is responsible for payment of all applicable taxes on monies paid to them under the Agreement.
  • All work produced by the Programmer for the Publisher under the Professional Services Agreement is the sole property of the Publisher.

Professional Services Agreement - English Professional Services Agreement - Spanish

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